Shrimp, a tropical plant with impressive leaves

This shrimp might not be edible, however it is among the most stunning decorative crops that bloom from spring to autumn , giving an unique shade to our backyard, yard and balcony.

Shrimp is a perennial plant native to the tropical areas of Central America and often grows within the type of a bush with skinny branching stems and darkish inexperienced leaves. Its identify comes from its colourful metamorphosed leaves that appear like a shrimp’s physique, which cowl the small flower that seems on the prime.

The particular bracts (reworked) leaves are what make it stand out with distinctive shades of yellow, crimson and tile like hanging shrimp containing white flowers.

These are primarily leaves which have modified form and shade. Bract leaves are additionally present in different decorative crops reminiscent of anthurium , spathiphyllum and alexander .

The shrimp plant is a superb alternative for planting in a pot within the yard, terrace and balcony, in locations the place the solar shouldn’t be intense and has some hours of shade throughout the day.

So let’s look intimately on the fundamental species and styles of the shrimp plant, in addition to helpful suggestions for its care in order that we will get pleasure from its wealthy and unique flowering in our backyard and balcony for a few years.

What species and styles of shrimp plant are there?

There are 2 fundamental species discovered within the shrimp plant, which belong to the identical plant household (Acanthaceae).

Mexican shrimp plant : The most typical sort of shrimp plant native to Mexico and with the botanical identify Justicia brundegeeana, which stands out with its drooping ceramic, pink and crimson bract leaves, whereas its regular leaves are oval in form and lengthy 3-7 cm. It often reaches a development of as much as one meter and a width of 60-70 centimeters.

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Golden , yellow shrimp plant : A distinct species of shrimp native to Peru and with the botanical identify Pachystachys lutea, which is characterised by vibrant yellow bract leaves whereas its regular leaves are rectangular and attain a size of 10 centimeters .

It will possibly develop as much as two meters in a heat surroundings, nonetheless it’s extra delicate to winter frost. It’s value mentioning that lately, new spectacular styles of shrimp have been created which have orange, crimson, and even blue coloured bracts.

What situations does the shrimp plant want to offer us ample flowering?

The shrimp prefers heat and semi-shady locations to offer us energetic foliage and wealthy flowering. We keep away from planting the shrimp in sunny locations, because the sturdy noon summer time solar can burn its leaves and destroy its flowering.

It grows greatest in fertile soil that has superb drainage, i.e. take away extra water after watering, in any other case there’s a threat of root rot. The shrimp plant thrives in tropical hygrothermal situations. It’s comparatively immune to winter chilly and summer time drought. In areas with chilly winters, we choose to plant the Mexican shrimp, because the yellow shrimp is extra delicate to the chilly.

How can we plant the shrimp in a pot?

To plant the shrimp in a pot on our balcony, within the yard and on our terrace, we select a sheltered place that has a west or east orientation.

keep away from northern publicity on account of intense frost and southern publicity on account of intense sunshine.

select a medium-sized flowerpot with a diameter of about 20-30 cm and a top of about 20-30 cm, which has holes within the base to take away the surplus water.

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fill the pot with enriched general-purpose potting soil that has perlite and pumice and comprises the mandatory vitamins for the nice development of the plant.

How typically does the shrimp plant want watering ?

The shrimp wants frequent watering throughout the spring and summer time to have quick development and ample flowering. For instance, we water the shrimp about twice per week throughout the spring season and each 2 days throughout the summer time season.

Extra usually, we water the shrimp when the soil within the pot dries out and restrict watering throughout the fall and winter. We should level out that the Mexican shrimp is far more immune to drought than the yellow shrimp whose leaves instantly wither in situations of lack of water.

How typically can we add fertilizer to the shrimp?

The shrimp wants frequent fertilizing with a liquid water-soluble fertilizer each two weeks from spring to fall to kind many flowers over an extended time frame. Through the winter interval, we cease fertilizing the plant, because the plant exhibits restricted exercise.

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